Proactive Incident Logbook

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Proactive Incident Logbook - an incident management system -

It’s time to incorporate an incident management system

According to Gartner Group, the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, approximately 65% of businesses are not using any Incident Management system. Does it mean these businesses are so well-oiled that incidents rarely occur and there is no need to invest in any Incident Management system?

This is hardly the case. In fact many large organization are still using the good old “Fire Incident Report” book to record and follow up on fire related incidents.

“65% of businesses are not using any incident management system”

– The Gartner Group

When incidents are documented in handwritten notes, looking for information in the notepad or notebook can be difficult. The data would require physical access for others to read, it is subject to loss or damage, and it is incompatible with computerized workflow systems.

The Proactive Incident Logbook – an incident management system

The Proactive Incident Logbook is a software application that links to the Proactive Alarm Monitoring System.

  • It automatically creates incidents for real fire alarms,
  • You can use it for any other types of incidents,
  • Organizes incidents by year, month and day,
  • Clearly denotes the open incidents
  • Creates detail incident documentation of what happened, when it happened, who handled it, and how it was handled,
  • Provides users with the ability to customize the application to handle information specific to the facility and interface with other workflow systems,
  • Incident information is securely accessible online to all authorized users.
Proactive Incident Logbook - an incident management system -

Turn-key Solution

We provide full professional services to make sure transition to a fully functioning system is smooth, timely and cost effectively.

Professional Services

  • Customization for data format and interface with other workflow systems
  • Data import – we can help whether you have existing device data or not
  • Technical training
  • Setting up your secure IT infrastructure

Data Hosting

  • Want to host the data on your own servers? We can help set up the servers and network infrastructure for youi,
  • Don’t have the IT infrastructure to host the facility maintenance data in your premises? We will be happy to host the data on our secure server infrastructure.

Please see our professional service offerings for more information.

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