The Proactive Product Series

Proactive products are designed to reduce risks and compliance issues that many facilities managers are not aware of (more info).

These are cost effective software solutions that will help you systematically improve your facility operations, leading to significantly less financial exposure from damage and fines.

Alarm Management System

The Proactive Alarm Management System is a software solution that helps with fire alarm testing and enables incident command staff control emergency situations. This graphics system utilizes secure web technologies and works with existing fire detection systems without requiring system wide upgrades -

Many facilities are still using outdated tools for fire alarm maintenance and incident command. Outdated methods and technologies creates unnecessary risks, and many facilities managers do not realize that.

The Proactive Alarm Management System interprets alarm messages from a Fire Panel, displays critical information about the triggering fire detection device as a navigable visual map on local and remote consoles, and notifies facility personnel via email or SMS text messages. When run in the Test mode, it tracks fire alarm testing activities. Together with its reporting capabilities, it is the ideal solution for managing fire safety monitoring and testing for large scale facilities.

Proactive Incident Logbook – an incident management system

“65% of businesses are not using any incident management system” – The Gartner Group. Not tracking incidents could mean risks for your facilities.

The Proactive Incident Logbook is an incident management system that keeps track of fire alarm and facility maintenance incidents. It records critical information about the incidents and all follow up information related to the resolution of the incidents.

Staying in complaint with the local fire codes cannot be easier with the Proactive Incident Logbook.

Proactive Incident Logbook - an incident management system -