New York, NY (July 1, 2017) – American Fire and Life Safety, the maker of the Proactive Alarm Management System, has launched a new release 3.0.

The new release utilizes graphics visualizations and secure web technologies to protect large, complex and critical facilities from risks and potential damages resulting from emergency incidents.

To prepare incident command staff for any kind of emergency, the Proactive Alarm Management System takes on the role of single source of truth for all fire, water, emergency detection devices. The system facilitates day-to-day testing of the devices and maintains accurate profiles and test records of all devices.

In the event of an emergency, critical graphical visualization is used to pinpoint emergency locations on facility maps. As soon as an emergency is detected, critical information is automatically sent to the mobile phones of the incident commander and other incident command staff. This enables the incident commander to assess the fireground situation within the short possible amount of time.

The Proactive Alarm Management System is currently in use at the New York Kennedy Airport by American Airlines to protect the facilities, travelers and occupants at Terminal 8.

There are thousands of critical facilities in the U.S. alone. “With the Proactive Alarm Management System, critical facilities are now able to reduce risk and protect their investments by reacting to emergencies in the shortest amount of time”, said Tim Carter, the product manager of the American Fire and Life Safety.

American Fire and Life Safety is the owner of the Proactive product series. Its Proactive Alarm Management System is known for robust software and its versatility. The company’s mission is to help large, complex and critical facilities to reduce risk and compliance issues with graphical visualization and secure web technologies resulting in systematic fire alarm maintenance and incident management practices, and most importantly, less financial exposure from damage and fines. The company’s website at www.AmericanFLS.com contains additional information.