American Airlines JFK implements Proactive Alarm Management System

New York, NY (July 1, 2017) – American Fire and Life Safety, the maker of the Proactive Alarm Management System, has launched a new release 3.0. The new release utilizes graphics visualizations and secure web technologies to protect large, complex and critical facilities from risks and potential damages resulting from emergency incidents. To prepare incident […]

Why an Alarm Management System is Essential even with Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

A question we often get is "we are already using a service to monitor fire alarms, why do we still need an alarm management system?". The short answer is fire alarm monitoring service only provides minimal protection; solid emergency preparedness and an alarm management system is ultimately what protects your site. To understand this, we [...]

Which Facilities Need an Alarm Management System

Alarm Management Systems are ideal for large and complex sites Facilities that may consider using their own graphical Alarm Management System to seriously beef up alarm maintenance and incident management protocols are likely to be very large, complex and critical facilities or sites. Many of them are millions of square feet in size, populated with [...]

Outdated Facility Maintenance Practices Create Risks

Advances in Technology and Monitoring of Fire Detection Equipment and Automatic Fire Alarms Create Complacency Many large scale commercial and industrial facilities built three or more decades ago are still using the original fire alarm detection equipment and fire alarm testing and response procedures. Fire alarm detection equipment is generally robust by design and lasts [...]

Choosing an Alarm Management System for my facility

Some fire alarm system manufacturers also provide proprietary software solutions for alarm management. At the same time, some third party software vendors who are not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer offer alarm management solutions. In addition, some may consider using fire alarm monitoring services from alarm monitoring companies for alarm management. In this article, we [...]