American Fire and Life Safety

Minimizes Risk and Compliance Issues

American Fire and Life Safety helps facilities managers save money by minimizing risk and compliance issues with emergency preparedness and incident management.

Many large and critical facilities are unknowingly exposed to financial risk using either no system at all or manual procedures for fire alarm maintenance and emergency incidents.

We help clients with our Proactive Alarm Management System that streamlines their operations with graphical visualization and secure web technologies. This results in more systematic fire alarm maintenance and incident management practices, and most importantly, less financial exposure from damage and fines.

Outdated Emergency Preparedness and Alarm Management Practices Create Risks    Read more

“Complacency often results in unnecessary risks in many large facilities today …  The good news is that much of the risks can be prevented with the Proactive Alarm Management System

Outdated technologies in emergency preparedness and alarm management procedures creates risks -

Benefits of the Proactive Product Suite

The Proactive Alarm Management System is a software solution that helps with fire alarm testing and enables incident command staff control emergency situations. This graphics system utilizes secure web technologies and works with existing fire detection systems without requiring system wide upgrades -

See how easy it is to take control of emergencies with Proactive Alarm Management System

During an emergency, there is no time to waste. Finding the emergency location on printed facility map drawings takes too long and error prone.

  • With the Proactive Alarm Management System, everything you need is conveniently on the console as alarm messages arrive.
  • No need for static paper documents. We deliver critical alarm information to your mobile device.
  • The Proactive Alarm Management System pinpoints emergency locations right on the online map.
  • Be proactive and reduce risk in your facilities today.

Proactive Incident Management helps facilities stay in compliance

“65% of businesses are not using any incident management system”

– The Gartner Group.

Not tracking incidents could result in repeating incidents.

  • Keep track of fire incidents and all follow ups. The Incident Logbook Application is our incident management solution.  It ensures fire incidents are handled according to compliance and business policies.
  • Need to export maintenance records to other systems for processing? Our software can export alarm records in Microsoft Excel format. If needed, our professional service team can help you to get to the next steps.
Proactive products reduce risks and increase productivity and compliance -
Proactive products help you stay in compliance with a fire alarm monitoring system and a facility maintenance management system -

Simplify Emergency Preparedness with the Proactive Alarm Management System

We keep proper documentation of fire detection assets and test record with the Proactive Alarm Management System. Improper documentation can be basis for fines and declined insurance claims.

  • Have a clean office without piles of paper. All maintenance records are available online and ready for inspection at any time.
  • Tired of keeping test logs as handwritten paper reports? Just put the system in the Test mode, and all alarm test activities are automatically collected.
  • Obtain past testing records from anywhere, anytime. Retrieve historical test records online in a couple of clicks.
  • Simplify the test coordinator’s job and keep perfect record of test activities today.

Always ready for emergency whenever, wherever with our secure web based technology

  • Keep track of testing and maintenance of your fire protection assets from anywhere with the Proactive Alarm Management System
  • Securely access critical information on-site and off-site during emergency
  • Our strong encryption technology and secure private network ensure maximum data protection
Proactive products lets you work from anywhere. See
Proactive alarm monitoring system for critical facilities -

Start with a turn key implementation

  • With our comprehensive import tool, we can directly import data from AutoCAD and Microsoft Excel files.
  • If your data is not in electronic format, or need a site survey in order to collect and audit your site data. Our professional service team will help and ensure a smooth transition.
  • The Proactive Alarm Management System can be configured to handle any type of facility asset.
  • We provide technical support and training to your staff to help you get going quickly.